Typically, when you think of a software development company, a huge conglomerate comes to mind rather than familiar faces of those behind the scenes. While QiSOFT is an international company with offices in the UK, mainland Europe and the US, we remain a family owned company that will always place personal service as the cornerstone of all that we do.

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QiSOFT Founder, CEO, Brainiac and all around Technical Guru.

British born and raised, Kevin was a creative boy who read lots of books and thought about new ways to do things. He grew up to become an American citizen who still reads lots of books and thinks about new ways to do things. In between he became a computer pioneer (technical term” geek”) who - through creating and marketing his own industrial software - became one of those select few who helped kick-start the global computer revolution.

Known around the QiSOFT office as the Grand Pooh-Bah, Supreme Commander or the Big Kahoona, Kevin began his career in an electronic engineering apprenticeship at Marconi Space and Defense. (This was after a brief youthful career as a disc jockey). He then spent a few years in computer sales dazzling his customers by having actual knowledge of his products. Kevin next moved into heavy electrical work as an electrical start-up engineer with Bechtel, a construction company based in Houston, Texas.

While at Bechtel (working at offices in both Saudi Arabia and later, Indonesia) Kevin was first exposed to control systems and software, an introduction that led to a healthy curiosity in programming which soon developed into his full-blown passion. Over the next few years, while working as Project Manager for a North Sea oil technical services company, Kevin designed his own computer-based maintenance management systems. The rest, as we say around here, is QiSOFT history.

Kevin continues to develop the kind of clear-thinking practical software solutions his company is known and valued for. And when not writing lines of code, developing new programs or giving everyone in the office a good-hearted hard time, he puts his chef skills to work. His cooking skills are legendary. No one who has ever been invited to dinner at his house has been known to refuse a second invite.

Kevin also loves soccer and rugby (he’s a diehard Portsmouth fan) and when he’s in northern England can often be found enjoying a walk in the ruggedly beautiful Lake District. He is the proud father of two grown children, daughter Kelly Hardy, who joined the QiSOFT team in May 2010 as Global Sales and Marketing Director, and son Sam Luxton, Operations Director, who is based in the European HQ in the UK.

Global Sales & Marketing Director, Public Relations Superstar and Cat Fancier.

Kelly, another transplanted-to-America Brit, received her BSc Hons in Marketing from Lancaster University in 2000 and then gained valuable experience working at several large Blue Chip companies including Reebok, Burton’s Foods, Freudenberg Household Products (Vileda) and PZ Cussons, where she worked closely with both the R&D teams and the manufacturing plant. Her work has given her an in-depth understanding of the full product development lifecycle as well as enabling her to develop a strong commercial and strategic business focus.

Today Kelly has responsibility for the sales and marketing development of QiSOFT’s products worldwide and has a five-year plan for going intergalactic. In August of 2012 she relocated from the UK to the company headquarters in Savannah, Georgia.

Technical Director and spirited badminton player.

Colin was the first QiSOFT employee, hired to develop QIS and MQM software. This early company pioneer once tackled programming hurdles in the local pub with Kevin-the-Big-Kahoona while the two of them drank three for one-pound (British Sterling) Genesee Cream Ale.

Long before he met Kevin, during his academic life (where he excelled in mathematics, physics and computer studies), his love for gadgets and all things computer-related was fully formed. Today Colin is in charge of development at QiSOFT and works with his team to ensure all design goals are achieved.

When not staring into the glow of a monitor, this self-proclaimed geek shows his true European colors by enjoying a spirited game of badminton (or cricket). His competitive spirit gets full play in tournaments and in dissecting games in the pub afterward.

Operations Director.

Sam left the California location of the QiSOFT operations in the summer of 2012 to begin work as the Operations Director in the company’s UK office in Leyland, Lancashire. He moved with his American partner, Cortny, and couldn’t wait to introduce her to the best of British life. Sam is very smart, just like his father, and has definitely inherited his technical prowess!

A specialist in the User Interface (UI), Sam will oversee UI across all QiSOFT products and will also continue involvement in all aspects of the developmental effort and managing the implementation of the new QiS 7 version. He’s also a whizz when it comes to designing and building websites... in fact you are looking at his work right now!

Although missing the California sunshine he has swapped that for the job of keeping all things QiSOFT running smoothly in the UK. A lover of live music it is quite fortuitous that he now lives in the music capital of the UK – Manchester!

Sales Manager – UK and Europe and proud papa. Personal motto: Have suitcase, will travel anywhere, anytime, for QiSOFT.

While Graeme wears the trademark uniform of salesman, he is no stranger to the factory floor. A degree in Manufacturing Operations Management led to early employment in the Lancashire Textile industry before the bright lights of sales and marketing seduced him into a long and successful career in consultancy and software sales.

Graeme is responsible for attracting new customers and supporting our existing client base. He racks up plenty of motorway and air miles to spread the gospel of “manufacturing’s best kept secret,” a quote he stole from the Supreme Commander, Kevin.

A devoted family man, Graeme and his wife, Katy, have two young daughters, Isabelle and Francesca. Having once lived in Spain he still indulges himself in all things Spanish. Two decades of playing cricket gave him “dodgy knees,” so today’s outdoor pursuits include an occasional round of golf or a gentle stroll in the countryside.

Customer Relations Manager, cupcake lover and Kevin’s American-born “she who must be obeyed.”

As effervescent as a bottle of sparkling Coca-Cola, Kris is the cheerful voice of the company when customers call. Organized, efficient, creative, captivating and charming, Kris keeps her cool when everyone around her is losing their own. She is the master of high tech telephones, knows where absolutely everything is filed and can retrieve it in seconds. She also makes a cup of tea every bit as good as any native-born Brit.

Kris, together with Kelly and Julie, write and publish the company’s on-line newsletter and you will find that it is top of the line for news, views, and who’s whose.

Kris doesn’t look, act, or talk like a tough little cookie, but she is. She’s a breast-cancer survivor and an active supporter and terrific fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life.

Administrative Assistant, Voice Clone of Kris and Chocolatier.

Our newest employee and a fabulous addition to the company, Lisa does many overlapping jobs with Kris including answering the phones and routing calls. Like Kris she is dedicated to her work and highly efficient. Born and raised in North Carolina she is a true “grits” one of those “girls raised in the South.”

Lisa, together with her husband (military) and two sons (9 and 21), have lived in Richmond Hill, Georgia (just outside Savannah) for three years. On her own time she loves to read, travel and to make gourmet candy. She is a talented chocolatier, which means she an ideal and valued employee.

We can’t quite cover everyone in here and anyway most of the guys & gals in our development team like to stay a little more, incognito, shall we say! And that’s not a bad thing. There are enough extrovert and noisy people in our team to more than make up for the more quiet focused nature of the software developer!

But rest assured those guys and gals in the background are working hard to ensure your QIS stays in tip top shape.

Our support system is our 24-7 commitment to having a live knowledgeable tech-support person available to our customers at all times. Got a question, need a tech tip? Franklin and Andy are the persons most likely to be reached on call in the U.S. or Europe, but many other specialized consultants are on hand as needed.

QiSOFT also has many other employees brought in for specialized services including copy writer Heather Grant who translates engineer speak into English, Brazilian Attache’ Patricia Fairbanks who writes software programs in Portuguese, and website “Blogmomster,” OKay Jackson, who keeps readers in touch with QiSOFT’s very human non-technical lighter side, to name a few.

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