Stop substandard materials entering your process

QIS compares the quality of raw materials against your required specification as soon as they arrive at the factory gate. Real-time analytical tools detect downward quality trends and stop substandard raw materials entering your process, before they affect the quality of your end product.

Eliminate process errors

With its comprehensive document management module QIS helps ensure that operators always knows what to make, how to make it and what to do when it goes wrong….no mistakes…no excuses. With the touch of a button they can compare what is on the machine against what was planned.

Complete VISIBILITY of operations data

QIS features flexible and extensive data capture options. Whether it’s taking immediate results from the lab, or gathering data from a variety of other manufacturing or business systems, QIS can connect the many ‘data islands’ that exist within your operation.

Improve product quality and consistency

Achieving quality output requires a stable and consistent process. Defining, measuring and controlling key process data is critical and allows you to make the right changes to your process when it matters. If your process is not predictable your customers are at risk – as is your bottom line.

Reduce waste, rework and raw material usage

Poor quality that results in scrap, rework or customer complaints costs manufacturers millions each year. QIS real-time SPC analytics give visibility of current and potential quality issues allowing you to address problems before they cost the business time and money.

Prevent unnecessary downtime

QIS can capture data on machine downtime, performance and quality, and then provide an overall OEE score for manufacturing efficiency. Fully configurable incident trees, incident alarms and configurable reporting make it easy to see both where you are and how you can improve.

Know your true capability

Our Capability Analysis allows rapid review of Process and Product capability to support improvement decisions. It can help establish effective control limits and give confidence in the ability to meet customer requirements with minimal production losses.

Achieve greater productivity

With QIS you see which materials work best, when process adjustments are optimal & get clear evidence of non-conformance & the most common causes of production inefficiencies. This helps reduce or even eliminate non-value added activities, increasing employee and line productivity.

Paperless shop-floor

QIS eliminates the need for scattered paperwork and frees up valuable personnel time. No more manually filling in paper log sheets or hours spent drawing control charts. It also reduces the time spent searching for this data if there is a problem.

Reassure your customers of QUALITY

W.E. Deming once said “A happy customer that comes back for more is worth 10 prospects!” The Certificate of Analysis module in QIS is flexible and fully configurable. It can be used to assure your customers that the properties of the products you have supplied meet specification.

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