Certificates of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis assures your customer that the properties of the products you have supplied meet specification, and is your assurance of the ‘quality’ of your product. The CoA module in QIS provides a flexible and configurable system that not only caters for all of the demands of satisfying ever increasing customer needs, it also caters for reporting of data from anywhere in the product genealogy.

Certifying the parameters of purchased raw materials that go into your product is often a necessity and one that can take many hours of research to establish. With integrated product tracking and data capture capabilities, from Supplier through Production to Customer this is can be achieved in your Certificates with ease.

What you don’t need in a CoA is any surprises! Apart from the steps that can be configured along the along the way, such as Pallet certification, before a customer certificate is published it can be tested for compliance against internal specification or the customer‘s specification. This will highlight issues for review when invoked manually and quarantine those marked for automatic delivery.

Post-delivery you need to be sure you always have a secure record of what was sent to a customer, whatever the circumstances. This is essential for ISO9000/ISO13875 purposes. The QIS-CoA repository files a read-only copy of every CoA you publish ensuring a permanent, auditable record of what was sent irrespective of any post-delivery data changes. This feature also serves for repeat CoA printing where required.

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