DataReporting - Production Summary

Production summary provides a drill-down active report that allows rapid focus on the problem areas by process area, production run and process variable. By selecting a time period summary you can see everything that has happened by run, shift, day or longer. The failure reasons are clearly highlighted along with any out-of-control issues and are displayed as a ranked Pareto style chart.

QIS also includes a dedicated report writer tool that enables customer reports to be easily generated and if required automatically emailed to them. The on-line “English language” wizard makes light work of report design with no programming or database knowledge required. Reports can be readily customized with pictures and logos to personalize your customer service. Where required, restricted Internet access to QIS is available from a customer location. This eliminates the need for paper-based reports and the customer can view the data on-line straight from his PC, if necessary, prior to dispatch.

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