As an integral part of QIS, our asset monitoring and incident-tracking module provides a powerful drill down performance analysis that supports and informs continuous improvement and operational excellence programmes. It is simple and practical, taking indices for machine downtime, performance and quality and then providing a single OEE score that allocates a rating to the overall manufacturing efficiency. With fully configurable incident trees, incident alarms and configurable reporting it is easy to see not only where you are, but how you can improve too.

Asset Monitoring & Incident Tracking (OEE)

Benefits to you:

  • Improve awareness of incidents in real-time and help identify potential issues before they become a problem.
  • Achieve consistent identification and enhanced analysis of incidents through the use of standard reason descriptions/codes
  • Prevent wasted time, talent and resources by identifying inefficiencies
  • Protect your investment and help maintain performance – extending the life of equipment
  • Find hidden capacity to increase production without having to invest more money in machinery
  • Monitor and find ways to correct the ‘Six Big Losses’ – Breakdowns, Set Up & Adjustments, Small Stops, Reduced Speed, Start Up Rejects, Production Rejects

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