Although the functionality in our core QIS application more than covers the needs of most Process Manufacturers straight out of the box, we understand that each manufacturing environment has its own way of doing things and its own set of challenges. That’s why we offer a choice of added value modules that can extend and enhance the capabilities of the core suite.

Whether you are a paper manufacturer, a roll based operation or produce food and drink – we’ve got it all covered from reel and roll monitoring to packaging weight analysis. Single operation or global enterprise - QIS can be tailored to fit your organisation perfectly. And whatever you need us to integrate with to get your valuable data out of, well, we do that too.

QiSOFT Manufacturing Intelligence Software - SUPPLIER QUALITY MANAGEMENT


Keeping track of supplier data can be a challenge, particularly when dealing with multiple sources of different supplies. It needs to be easy to capture and store the data, but even more important is the ability to interpret that data and make it visible.

QIS supplier module SRM provides a solution for formalized recording, tracking and real-time analysis of raw material performance, supplier performance and associated certificates of analysis. Compare the quality of raw materials against your required specification as soon as they arrive at the factory gate and utilise the real-time analytical tools to detect downward quality trends and stop substandard raw materials entering your process.

By comparing the latest results to specification and against supplier history you can make vital decisions on release to production and help manage continued supplier relationships. This helps ensure consistency in raw materials, your process and its resulting products and helps detect potential issues before they affect your production.



EnterpriseLink is a powerful web-based tool that gives you the ability to improve visibility and collaboration plant wide, and also to benchmark and visualize plant operations across the global Enterprise. By generating aggregate data from various systems, multiple machines and even across sites, and combining them into one centralized analysis and reporting source, EnterpriseLink provides easy and immediate access to valuable insight and intelligence for strategic decision-making.

Users can produce summaries, KPI reports, business metrics and more in dashboard standard and ad-hoc report formats – all through a browser based interface, thereby allowing non-QIS users to access real-time and relevant reports from line to line or site to site.


Most web-roll based industries now benefit from advanced technology such as online scanners and vision systems enabling the continuous measurement of key characteristics such as weight, moisture, thickness and opacity as well as detection of imperfections such as holes and spots. As well as an increasing use of trim optimisation systems in order to minimize waste and re-work. A common feature of all of these systems, however, is their isolation from each other therefore requiring operators and other users to view their information through multiple applications and screens.

QR2 maximizes the quality and throughput improvements generated by these systems. It has been designed to access all of the data from a variety of systems, in real-time, and provide composite graphical outputs for easy interpretation and use by all that need them. As part of QIS all necessary manufacturing and customer specifications are readily accessible and utilized in the in-built analysis and presentation to support the decisions that need to be made quickly and assuredly.

QiSOFT Manufacturing Intelligence Software - 3D Roll Mapping QiSOFT Manufacturing Intelligence Software - 3D Roll Mapping

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