Real-Time Monitoring & Process Monitoring

QIS enables you to take raw process data and translate it into evidence for decisive action resulting in reduced variation, improved product consistency and quality, greater productivity, less waste and ultimately reduced costs.

The QIS Logsheet is a real time ‘single window’ view of plant operations and quality data. This includes product test results, process readings, SPC alarms and operator text comments, plus much more. Data is compared to the current specification and displayed with a clear ‘traffic light’ colour coding to immediately highlight control and acceptance status.

The wide variety of real-time control and cross-machine profile charts available help operators distinguish between random fluctuations and true shifts within the process and take appropriate and timely action when needed

SPC Alarms enable close control of critical parameters with non-conformance, drifts and trend deviations immediately highlighted. When an SPC alarm is triggered by a parameter changing its control state, an authorized operator can acknowledge it and record the reason and any subsequent corrective action to be taken. All entries are date and time stamped to enable full decision tracking. Multiple alarms that have the same cause can be answered with a single entry.

No more scattered hand written log sheets or piles of paperwork… Or hours manually spent drawing control charts!

Real-Time Monitoring & Process Monitoring
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