In the current market to stay competitive, Food & Beverage companies have to innovate, reduce costs and achieve sustainability, which all require increased flexibility and optimization of processes without putting brand equity at risk.

At the same time, these industries have to satisfy the growing requirements of food safety regulations. From coffee to canned vegetables QIS is used to monitor and control the process in real-time, improving product consistency and compliance while providing critical information for reducing costs and preventing quality issues.

Key Benefits
  • Reduce waste, overfill and giveaway
  • Improve product consistency and compliance
  • Exceed customer expectations and meet regulatory compliance
  • Minimize downtime, energy consumption and raw material usage
  • Reduce costs and prevent critical quality issues

Core Features
  • KPI dashboards & Performance Reports
  • Real-time Production & Process Monitoring
  • In-line quality control, analysis and testing
  • SPC Analytics, Control Charts, Capability Studies
  • OEE and Downtime Incident Management
  • Materials Traceability & Product Genealogy Tracking
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
  • Hazard Analysis and Control Plan Management
  • Supplier Quality Conformance Monitoring

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