QIS is designed to harness process, production and quality data and provide complete visibility throughout the papermaking process. QIS helps operators to make immediate in-line improvements and provides management with the data and real-time analytical tools required to support longer term strategic improvement goals.

Key Benefits
  • Make your process visible and examine variation
  • Easy to use control charts, capability studies and parato analysis
  • Fact based decision making
  • Ensure your products are made to specification
  • Reduce waste and improve product consistency
  • Identify and recitfy problems early in the process
  • Learn when to take action and when to leave the process alone
  • Make your products BETTER...FASTER...CHEAPER

Core Features
  • KPI dashboards & Performance Reports
  • Quality, Production & Process Monitoring
  • In-line quality control, analysis and testing
  • SPC Analytics, Control Charts, Capability Studies
  • OEE and Downtime Incident Management
  • Integration to 3rd party systems
QiS - Pulp & Paper Industry
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