When you become a QiSOFT customer, you gain access to support services that are second-to-none. Consider us your survival kit, there for you day in and day out, long after your initial software investment, making sure that the tools you have do exactly what you need them to do without fail - and it’s all just a call or click away.

QiSOFT is working great, but I do have a few questions?

Along with world-class products comes equally impressive support so that you always get the most from your investment. One service attribute QiSOFT customers appreciate the most is our ongoing training. Once you get the basics down pat, it’s only natural that you want to take QiSOFT to the next level of functioning, so we work with you and your staff to achieve optimal performance every step of the way. We are also in continual development of new and improved applications and we’ll keep you informed of the very latest advancements to help you unleash your enterprise’s full potential.


QiSOFT Training

Whether in person or via webcast, QiSOFT offers ongoing training led by our expert technical support staff so you’re guaranteed to always get the most out of your investment.

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QiSOFT Manufacturing Intelligence Software - 24/7 Support

At QiSOFT support is not a noun, it’s a verb. We actively support our clients in every way possible to ensure our products maintain nothing less than peak performance.

Not only is the software developed by QiSOFT easy to use, it’s also fully supported by some of the best engineers out there. These are the pros it’s good to know. They possess extensive experience of both the products we develop and the industries we serve and they’ll drop everything to answer a support call. It’s all part of QiSOFT’s Annual Support program. The way we see it, our success is only as good as our customers. That means, the more effort we make to fully support your QiSOFT needs, the greater the outcome for us all.

Customer Support: Beyond the Sale At QiSOFT, we believe in adding value to our customers’ experiences not just leading up to purchase, but long after. This includes rapid implementation, low total cost of ownership and swift delivery of business benefits you’ll really appreciate. We also go further to provide comprehensive service that covers both pre and post installation support such as training, consultancy and 24/7/365 technical support. Whether you’re accessing support via phone, modem, VPN or Internet, our flexible options improve your global IT ability for support right when you need it. Our job is to make your job easier.

Super Support: The Power of an Email
It’s just a simple email address: support@qisoft.com but use it and you’ll soon realize it is far from innocent. As soon as your email is received, the Helpdesk Program automatically generates a new Issue #, which ensures that all correspondence related to your inquiry is kept together for a complete review of the issue at any time. If details of the new issue sound familiar, the contents of the Helpdesk can be easily searched to see if there is a known resolution for even faster response.

The Helpdesk also includes a feature to mark an issue for inclusion in our Knowledgebase that is hosted on this website. Using this function allows us to share resolution of an issue we think may be experience by others. As a QiSOFT customer, you can even start at the Knowledgebase to see if your specific issue has previously been resolved. Problems that are reported by phone during office hours as well as to the toll-free after-hours line are also logged into the Helpdesk, which allows the entire QiSOFT team to have updated status on all outstanding issues.

Whatever your need, our team is standing by and it all starts with one innocent-looking email address: support@qisoft.com.

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