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Typically, when you think of a software development company, a huge conglomerate comes to mind rather than familiar faces of those behind the scenes

While QiSOFT is an international company with offices in the UK, mainland Europe and the US, we remain a family owned company that will always place personal service as the cornerstone of all that we do.

Our experienced and passionate management team are dedicated to making QiSOFT a great place to work. They love working with customers and with all the members of the QiSOFT team across the world. They're supported by an engaged Board of Directors and an amazing team of developers, customer service professionals and administrators.

Kelly Hardy
Kelly Hardy
Chief Operating Officer, QiSOFT Americas

Kelly began her career working at several large Blue Chip companies including Reebok, Burton’s Foods,

Freudenberg Household Products (Vileda) and PZ Cussons. Having close involvement with both the R&D teams and the manufacturing plant, her experience has given her an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process as well as enabling her to develop a strong commercial and strategic business focus.

Today Kelly has responsibility for managing QiSOFT Americas and for the strategic sales and marketing development of QiSOFT’s products worldwide.

Favorite figure from history: Queen Elizabeth I – fearless, tough, dedicated and true to her people.

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Kevin Luxton
Kevin Luxton
QiSOFT Founder and CEO

Kevin is the Founder and still active CEO of QiSOFT worldwide. Starting his young career as an electrical engineer, he soon developed a passion for programming and a desire to bring the use of statistics in quality management to the masses. In 1986 QIS was born and Kevin has been instrumental in its direction and development ever since. He maintains his passion for quality and for bringing a product to the manufacturing floor that is both operator and senior management friendly. These days Kevin operates in more of a consulting and training role so chances are you will one day benefit from his great knowledge and passion for all things QIS!

His favorite quote: I can easily get used to the very best. Winston Churchill.

To see more of both his and QiSOFTs history watch this video here:

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Sam Luxton
Sam Luxton
Operations Director, QiSOFT UK & Europe

Sam, just like his father, developed a passion for programming whilst working in a different career. With both this passion and his technical ability evident he was persuaded to join the family business where he became a specialist in the User Interface (UI) and a whizz at designing and building web based solutions.

Now the fully hands-on Operations Director of QiSOFT UK & Europe, Sam revels in learning new manufacturing processes and highlighting the benefits QIS can offer to businesses globally.

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Colin Marney
Colin Marney
Technical Director

Colin was the first QiSOFT employee, hired to develop QIS and MQM software. Having been with the company since QIS’s early conception you could say Colin knows a thing or two about the product.

Long before he met Kevin, during his academic life (where he excelled in mathematics, physics and computer studies), his love for gadgets and all things computer-related was fully formed.

Today Colin continues to support QiSOFT’s customer base and helps to keep QIS at the forefront of manufacturing quality systems technology.

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Graeme Parkinson
Graeme Parkinson
European Sales Director, UK & Europe

Although now the European Sales Director for QiSOFT, Graeme is no stranger to the factory floor. A degree in Manufacturing Operations led to early employment in the textile industry before the bright lights of sales and marketing seduced him into a long and successful career in both IT consultancy and Software sales.

Graeme is responsible for sharing the benefits of QIS with new customers and supports our existing client base across the UK and Europe and sometimes beyond!

Favourite sportsman: Andy Murray (Wimbledon and Olympic Champion) – talented, tenacious and humble.

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Aad Eikelenboom
Aad Eikelenboom
Managing Director, QiSOFT Nederland BV

Aad has been taking care of QiSOFT customers in the Dutch market since 2008. With a broad experience in implementing, customizing, managing and maintaining software like ERP, QIS, CRM, maintenance management etc. he excels in helping production sites and operations optimize their processes and set up of QIS.

Today Aad is responsible for managing the QiSOFT business and key customers across BENELUX.

Favorite movie: Top Gun

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Mike Denny
Mike Denny
Director of Customer Services

Mike has been working with QIS for over 10 years on both the software and manufacturing side. With in-depth knowledge and experience from working with QiSOFT and also as a user within the manufacturing sector, Mike brings a well-rounded and truly unique perspective to our team.

Mike heads up our growing customer services team that are dedicated to supporting our customers; from the development of new features and functionality within QIS to customer projects and day-to-day technical support and advice.

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Cathy Fortune
Cathy Fortune
Operations Manager, QiSOFT UK

Having started her career working in mental health for the NHS, in 2010 a decision to move closer to family ultimately led her to QiSOFT UK.  Having been with the company for over 5 years, Cathy is responsible for managing the UK Operations. A job (she claims!) is made easier by the great staff we have there.  

A true believer in the adage “a company’s employees are its greatest asset” it is Cathy's responsibility to ensure that we not only deliver but exceed customers expectations.

Favourite Sport: Rugby - Teamwork, Discipline & Respect

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What Our Customers Say
Testimonials Testimonials

"Jacobs Douwe Egberts have seen benefits of reduced paperwork and improved reporting across the plant. In addition, the QIS analysis tools understand complex process performance and identify improvement opportunities to reduce downtime, establish optimal operating procedures and improve product quality"

Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Testimonials Testimonials

"With QIS, information from the earliest production steps is used to actively reduce variation down the line. As milk is a natural product it comes with seasonal variation in its properties. QIS helps us respond to these variations and manufacture cheese with a consistent quality"

De Graafstroom


Testimonials Testimonials

"QIS has been trusted in the process manufacturing sector for over 30 years and has proved its ability here to take all the available shop-floor data and turn this into meaningful and actionable intelligence. This combined with the unparalleled implementation and support expertise means that De La Rue can have maximum confidence in their investment, today, tomorrow and into the future"

De La Rue


Testimonials Testimonials

"QiSOFT are the GOLD standard that I measure all our suppliers against"


North America

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Data Capture
Cut out paperwork, duplication and costly mistakes
Quality Control
Ensure product quality and consistency
Identify and respond to changes in your process
Downtime Tracking (oee)
Prevent downtime, performance and quality losses
Statistical Process Control (spc)
Reduce waste, rework and raw material usage
Stop substandard materials entering your process
Certificates of Analysis
Reassure your customers of quality
Accelerate investigations, recalls and complaints
Free up valuable time and minimize error
Unlock the secrets of your process
Document Control
Confirm conformance to standards and procedures
Drive your quality, process and performance goals
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