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30 March, 2020

We know that many of our customers are looking at how to balance the need for employees to now work from home yet maintaining operations on site. We have pulled together a reminder of the many ways QIS can support homeworking, allowing employees to remotely monitor your entire process.

Of course, this list isn't exclusive and if you would like any further information about how to use QIS in a home environment or to discuss remote training opportunities please contact

Real-Time Data 

Maintain complete visibility of your product, process and performance data from your home office. Ensuring you can continue to make critical in line decisions based on the most up to date manufacturing plant data. 

Production Summary 

Can be utilised to monitor plant operations holistically across multiple processes. Data included within this powerful dashboard includes, production values, quality losses, downtime incidents, out of spec summary, OEE scores and operator remarks.
Quality Watchlist 

Provides an instant view of quality acceptance status across each stage of manufacturing. This dashboard can be quickly configured to display critical quality results aligned to time and shift. 

Alarms, Notifications & Reports 

Configure QIS alarms to notify remote workers of any critical quality or performance incidents. Alarms can be distributed via the real-time display or via email. A wide range of daily reports can be developed and distributed automatically via email to remote users.

If you require any help, or guidance in using any of these features please contact the QiSOFT support team for advice on

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Please note, the features and functionality available is determined by the version of QIS you are using. Access to QIS is subject to your own internal policies and procedures.

What Our Customers Say
Testimonials Testimonials

"Jacobs Douwe Egberts have seen benefits of reduced paperwork and improved reporting across the plant. In addition, the QIS analysis tools understand complex process performance and identify improvement opportunities to reduce downtime, establish optimal operating procedures and improve product quality"

Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Testimonials Testimonials

"With QIS, information from the earliest production steps is used to actively reduce variation down the line. As milk is a natural product it comes with seasonal variation in its properties. QIS helps us respond to these variations and manufacture cheese with a consistent quality"

De Graafstroom


Testimonials Testimonials

"QIS has been trusted in the process manufacturing sector for over 30 years and has proved its ability here to take all the available shop-floor data and turn this into meaningful and actionable intelligence. This combined with the unparalleled implementation and support expertise means that De La Rue can have maximum confidence in their investment, today, tomorrow and into the future"

De La Rue


Testimonials Testimonials

"QiSOFT are the GOLD standard that I measure all our suppliers against"


North America


QiS Metrics

Measurable and sustainable improvements resulting in tangible financial and operational benefits

Reduction in waste, downgrade and rework
Labour savings across quality, production and administration teams
Reduction in the cost of internal and external failure


Since 1986, we’ve been helping manufacturing organizations across the world transform data into critical insight in order to achieve continual product and process excellence.

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Data Capture
Cut out paperwork, duplication and costly mistakes
Quality Control
Ensure product quality and consistency
Identify and respond to changes in your process
Downtime Tracking (oee)
Prevent downtime, performance and quality losses
Statistical Process Control (spc)
Reduce waste, rework and raw material usage
Stop substandard materials entering your process
Certificates of Analysis
Reassure your customers of quality
Accelerate investigations, recalls and complaints
Free up valuable time and minimize error
Unlock the secrets of your process
Document Control
Confirm conformance to standards and procedures
Drive your quality, process and performance goals
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