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7 October, 2020

Accessing QIS data with your BI tools

In today’s data centric world more and more businesses rely on corporate wide Business Intelligence (BI) platforms to support their decision-making process.

However, connecting to the underlying data-sources can be problematic! Software solutions often have complex schemas and structures which are difficult to access, navigate and comprehend.

Furthermore, connecting directly to a live data-source for reporting purposes is a high-risk strategy that can cause serious performance issues for end users and can result in data loss.

What is the solution?

In recognition of the challenge, we want to make it easy for all customers to leverage the critical data contained within your QIS solution. The new QIS Report Driver takes the complexity out of data acquisition and manipulation by providing a simplified flattened structure which is easy to access, understand and utilize.

• Simplified data structure makes it easy to create reports and dashboards with 3rd party solutions
• Independent report tables eliminate performance issues and the risk of “live” data locks
• A single reporting database makes it easier to generate corporate wide reports
• Fast to implement, easy to manage and highly configurable

So, how does it work?

The QIS Report Driver is designed to export event data, test results, user comments and specifications from individual or multiple processes to a set of archive tables within a separate reporting database. Running in the background, the driver constantly scans QIS for any new or amended records and exports all changes as required.

Access to this vital information is further simplified through SQL views which combine data from all the reporting tables. Enabling your team to simply select and exploit a single dataset to drive reports and dashboard from your preferred BI solution.

No complex queries, no performance issues, no more headaches!

What Our Customers Say
Testimonials Testimonials

"Jacobs Douwe Egberts have seen benefits of reduced paperwork and improved reporting across the plant. In addition, the QIS analysis tools understand complex process performance and identify improvement opportunities to reduce downtime, establish optimal operating procedures and improve product quality"

Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Testimonials Testimonials

"With QIS, information from the earliest production steps is used to actively reduce variation down the line. As milk is a natural product it comes with seasonal variation in its properties. QIS helps us respond to these variations and manufacture cheese with a consistent quality"

De Graafstroom


Testimonials Testimonials

"QIS has been trusted in the process manufacturing sector for over 30 years and has proved its ability here to take all the available shop-floor data and turn this into meaningful and actionable intelligence. This combined with the unparalleled implementation and support expertise means that De La Rue can have maximum confidence in their investment, today, tomorrow and into the future"

De La Rue


Testimonials Testimonials

"QiSOFT are the GOLD standard that I measure all our suppliers against"


North America


QiS Metrics

Measurable and sustainable improvements resulting in tangible financial and operational benefits

Reduction in waste, downgrade and rework
Labour savings across quality, production and administration teams
Reduction in the cost of internal and external failure


Since 1986, we’ve been helping manufacturing organizations across the world transform data into critical insight in order to achieve continual product and process excellence.

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