The Move To Raleigh!

10 July, 2017

After more than 15 years  based in Savannah, the QiSOFT Americas team are very excited to have relocated our head office to the technical hub that is Raleigh, North Carolina.

With big plans for the expansion of our development and customer service teams, Raleigh is the ideal location to support this growth. We will have access to the best talent to support our customers and keep QIS at the forefront of manufacturing quality technology.

From SAS, the world’s largest private software company, to open source giant Red Hat and dozens of tech startups, Raleigh and Wake County’s tech industry is growing rapidly. The area has one of the largest concentrations of tech talent in the nation across a variety of disciplines including analytics, mobile applications, cloud computing and cyber security.

The new office is situated in the beautiful Capital Center, a 7 story, class A office building located in West Raleigh. It is in the perfect location for easy access to all Raleigh, Cary, and Durham destinations. Surrounded by 10 acres of plush landscaping the building offers plentiful amenities, including a peaceful, sunny plaza area with adjacent terraced fountain and outdoor seating, an on-site fitness center, ample parking, and a walking path around the lake.

Our new address will be:

5511 Capital Center Drive, Suite 170, Raleigh, NC 27606

All accounts payable / billing items should be mailed to PO Box 13825, Savannah, GA 31416

We look forward to welcoming new teams members to the business very soon! So keep an eye on our Newsroom and we will  keep you posted!

What Our Customers Say
Testimonials Testimonials

"Jacobs Douwe Egberts have seen benefits of reduced paperwork and improved reporting across the plant. In addition, the QIS analysis tools understand complex process performance and identify improvement opportunities to reduce downtime, establish optimal operating procedures and improve product quality"

Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Testimonials Testimonials

"With QIS, information from the earliest production steps is used to actively reduce variation down the line. As milk is a natural product it comes with seasonal variation in its properties. QIS helps us respond to these variations and manufacture cheese with a consistent quality"

De Graafstroom


Testimonials Testimonials

"QIS has been trusted in the process manufacturing sector for over 30 years and has proved its ability here to take all the available shop-floor data and turn this into meaningful and actionable intelligence. This combined with the unparalleled implementation and support expertise means that De La Rue can have maximum confidence in their investment, today, tomorrow and into the future"

De La Rue


Testimonials Testimonials

"QiSOFT are the GOLD standard that I measure all our suppliers against"


North America


QiS Metrics

Measurable and sustainable improvements resulting in tangible financial and operational benefits

Reduction in waste, downgrade and rework
Labour savings across quality, production and administration teams
Reduction in the cost of internal and external failure


Since 1986, we’ve been helping manufacturing organizations across the world transform data into critical insight in order to achieve continual product and process excellence.

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Software Features

Enabling the digital factory of the future

Data Capture
Cut out paperwork, duplication and costly mistakes
Quality Control
Ensure product quality and consistency
Identify and respond to changes in your process
Downtime Tracking (oee)
Prevent downtime, performance and quality losses
Statistical Process Control (spc)
Reduce waste, rework and raw material usage
Stop substandard materials entering your process
Certificates of Analysis
Reassure your customers of quality
Accelerate investigations, recalls and complaints
Free up valuable time and minimize error
Unlock the secrets of your process
Document Control
Confirm conformance to standards and procedures
Drive your quality, process and performance goals
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