Supplier Testing Portal

The QIS supplier testing portal creates a private cloud between you and your suppliers to share material test results in an easy to analyze format.

To achieve the best quality results for your product, it is important to exert control at every stage of your process, and especially at the beginning. If you start with flawed materials, the end product may fall far short of what your customers or the market demands.

Having instant access to supplier quality test data, in a consistent format, can improve visibility of non-conforming raw materials and ensure alignment with your production records – simplifying supply chain traceability. 


With a simple login into the portal you can select and review supplier test data, reviewing the results against each shipment or batch, removing the need for COAs in multiple formats often also delivered via multiple methods. 

Easy to Complete

The information that needs to be completed for the material or product is clearly displayed – making it easy to know what data is required. 

Make & Share Notes

The portal provides the option to add notes or share comments. Allowing you or your suppliers to highlight areas of concern or for future monitoring. 

Document & Image Review

Supporting documents (delivery notes, copies of COAs etc.) and any pertinent images can be easily uploaded for review and future reference. 

What can it do for me?

The raw materials for your process are the finished products of a previous manufacturing process; and even with the best will of suppliers, will vary in their attributes and behavior. Understanding both the stability and the variation in these supplies can be critical to production. 

With the supplier portal you can summarize all supplier test results in a single view, with instant reports at the touch of a button. And where needed automatically transfer supplier test data to “your” QIS, aligning raw material test data with your production cycle. 

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