QiSOFT Training QiSOFT Training Webinars At QiSOFT, we design all of our products so that they are incredibly easy to use right out of the box but the fact remains, these are not just your ordinary, everyday applications. They are robust programs that are created to help you achieve excellence and that means going beyond the basics to using every bell and whistle we’ve built into your investment.

QiSOFT training courses are specifically designed to help our users leverage their software to achieve real results with tangible benefits. Whether opting to attend courses in either our Savannah or Leyland office, scheduling onsite training or registering for a QiSOFT Webcast for training from the comfort of your own desk, we offer regularly scheduled programs to keep you up to date on all of our products and services.

Each training session is led by a member of our expert technical support staff with a recommended maximum of six students per training session. We’ve found that’s just the right class size to ensure you get the one-on-one help you need for optimum learning. Courses cover implementation of the software through final analysis and are customized to meet your specific needs.


To reserve your place on one of our in-house courses, use the online enquiry form and a representative from your local office will be in touch with more details and provide you with a quotation in the appropriate currency. Once confirmed joining instructions will be sent to you along with details of local accommodation.

Course numbers are strictly limited to enable interactive learning and early booking is therefore recommended.

Introduction to QIS 1 day 13th March, 19th June, 18th September 2017 Description
QIS Advanced Features 1 days 14th March, 20th June, 19th September 2017 Description
QIS Power User 2-3 days 15th March, 21st June, 20th September 2017 Description
System Admin (IT) 1 day 20th March, 26th June, 25th September 2017 Description
Building and Supporting QIS 2 days 21st March, 27th June, 26th September 2017 Description
QIS Refresher 1-2 days 23rd March, 29th June, 28th September 2017 Description

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Stay up to date or Explore QIS without leaving your desk! We are now proud to offer a calendar of complimentary 30 minute Webcasts to keep you updated on the QIS suite of products and services. These have been designed to provide interactive support and live demonstrations using web conferencing technology that allows you to receive the information or training you need right from your office – in bite-size chunks!

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(15.00 BST)
QIS “What’s New?”
A look at new features available in the QIS 2016R1 release.
APRIL 26th
(15.00 BST)
Extended Webinar
Hosted by Kevin Luxton – QiSOFT Founder & CEO
JUNE 14th
(15.00 BST)
Bitesize Webinar
Hosted by Victor Van Linden
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