De La Rue


Manufacturing intelligence key to excellence

Established in 1813, De La Rue is a trusted partner of governments, central banks and commercial organisations around the world.


De La Rue produce a wide range of security products, including banknotes, passports, tax stamps, authentication labels and identity documents and manufactures high speed cash sorting and banknote inspection equipment. The £513 m globally based company’s diverse operations, combined with ever increasing quality considerations from customers put growing pressure on the company’s data analysis capabilities, as Peter Hall, Quality Director explains.

“Our biggest challenge is the need to monitor accurately all the available information on the production floor to support our strategy of continuous improvement” He continues, “It was essential to have a solution that not only helps identify opportunities to reduce waste, rework and raw material usage, we also need to be able to monitor trends and identify potential issues before they impact product quality, helping us ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.”

Long established expertise

After a thorough evaluation of alternatives De La Rue invested in QIS manufacturing intelligence software, from QiSOFT, a pioneer in this sector. John Abson, Factory Quality Director, explains why QIS was the solution of choice. “We wanted a proven system with a good pedigree, implemented and supported by people who genuinely understand our industry in general and our business in particular. QIS provides the visibility and flexibility we need as well as seamlessly integrating with our other IT systems – we anticipate the same considerable benefits that we know many other QIS users enjoy.”

“QIS has been trusted in the process manufacturing sector for over 30 years and has proved its ability here to take all the available shop-floor data and turn this into meaningful and actionable intelligence. This combined with the unparalleled implementation and support expertise means that De La Rue can have maximum confidence in their investment, today, tomorrow and into the future.”