Quality is the key in maintaining consumer preference

From a small family owned company to one of the largest processors of vegetables and fruits in Europe. Quality and Innovation are key to HAK’s number 1 regional brand status.

Paperless Factory

“Everyone in production works with QIS. We call it a quality information system, but it’s really a production management system. We use it to process all the production-related data apart from what’s recorded in our ERP system. That’s a perfect fit.” It has remained the preferred system at HAK for more than 20 years, for several reasons. The most obvious one is that it works well and is extremely stable: “QIS never fails, it’s as simple as that. We have a paperless factory and that brings huge benefits. It also makes you aware of the fact that you can no longer manage without your information system. QIS gives our operators access to measurement instructions so it’s indispensable for them.” Another important advantage of the system is its simplicity, he says: “The information is presented clearly and users are helped by the traffic-light colors of red, amber and green. HAK’s existing employees are familiar with the system and it doesn’t take us long to teach newcomers how to use it.”


“Our primary task is to safeguard the product quality. We want to limit the process spread and variation. Ultimately, QIS provides the data that enables us to check whether we’ve actually achieved the targets we’ve set for ourselves. That starts with entering the parameters and specifications into the system. We ensure that Production is aware of the ‘what and how’. That’s followed by the ‘do’ – measurements and adjustments by the operators. In the ‘check’ phase, we analyze the data to see whether we’ve achieved our quality and sustainability targets. What went well, where could we make further improvements? Based on the analysis, we gain insights into whether we need to adjust our advice to growers or make any changes to formulations.”

HAK has high quality standards and the end product is monitored continuously. “We inspect the previous day’s production every morning. That’s done by our own highly trained tasting panel made up of people who have an above-average sense of smell and taste. We also review all consumer feedback. Our products must emerge as the winner in blind taste tests every time. QiSOFT is indispensable in helping us to accomplish that goal.