Enterprise Support Policy

Enterprise Support Services Policy

Enterprise Support Services Policy


Terms defined in the Enterprise Agreement shall apply in this Policy.




QiSOFT shall-

1.1 Provide the Customer with such technical advice by telephone, fax or email as may be appropriate and necessary to resolve the Customer’s difficulties and queries in using the services/software product covered by this Agreement. This technical support comprises:

• access to QiSOFT technical support staff 24 x 7 for reporting and resolution of Priority 1 problems only (as defined in our Incident Reporting Procedure); and

• unrestricted access to QiSOFT technical support during Normal Business Hours and to the QiSOFT website Support section.


1.2 Make available (in respect of On Prem customers only) all software base package improvements and enhancements that are released between major version updates via download from our Internet Web Site and all new versions on release via download from our Internet Web Site or via suitable media, free of charge. New version releases will include all appropriate installation instructions, upgrade routines and application documentation.


1.3 endeavour to correct any faults in the Services/Software in so far as such faults are due to faulty workmanship or the supply of incorrect materials by QiSOFT within the target response times as detailed below.




In the case of defects reported in line with the QiSOFT Incident Reporting Procedure, QiSOFT will use all reasonable endeavours to deal with defect correction in the following timescales:

2.1 Priority 1 : Prevents System Use


Faults will be investigated within two (2) Working Hours of the fault being properly reported by the Customer and all reasonable endeavours will be used to achieve a target defect correction issue within four (4) Working Hours. In respect of On Prem customers, Modem support for fault investigation is required to be in place in order to have a reasonable chance of achieving this target And fixes will be sent via modem where available and practical, otherwise via mail.

2.2 Priority 2 : Workaround Possible


All reasonable endeavours will be used to achieve target defect correction issue within two (2) Business Days.


2.3 Priority 3 : Minor Faults

Minor faults are targeted to be fixed within ten (10) Business Days.

2.4 Priority 4 : Cosmetic and Documentation


Documentation and Cosmetic faults are normally fixed in the next new release of the Software.


2.5 The response time and the times for the performance of the Support Services or the delivery of any components or parts or for the execution of any work by QiSOFT under this Agreement shall not be of the essence and QiSOFT shall not be liable for any delay or loss suffered or caused by the delay or omission of QiSOFT to provide any such Support Services under this Agreement.




The Support Services do not include:

3.1 any alteration of the Services/Software to meet a change in the Customer’s requirements:


3.2 The cost of repair or replacement or extra service time made necessary by accidental damage, misuse, negligence or failure to observe QiSOFT’s recommendations as to the use of the Services/Software such as, but not limited to, failure or fluctuation of electrical power or environment control or any defect or failure in relevant telecommunications or computer network.


3.3 Any equipment not supplied directly by QiSOFT.

3.4 the training of any personnel;


3.5 Correction of any faults in the Services/Software due to any amendment, alterations or modification of the Services/Software by the Customer or any third party.

3.6 Correction of any faults due to any direct amendment, alteration or modification of any dependent Databases by the Customer or any third party.

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