Digital Laboratory Management

From automated data capture, to managing test methods, documentation, and laboratory assets, QIS LIMS tools are designed to speed up the testing process whilst improving data integrity, visibility, and traceability.

Sample Testing & Review

Get quick and easy access to datathroughout the lab and beyond

As checks are completed in the Laboratory, QIS provides instant confirmation and visual feedback to both Lab Technicians and operators on the line.

QIS allows you to control what information gets collected and exactly when it needs to be recorded, ensuring all checks and tests are completed on time, every time.

Test Methods & Documentation 

Review data and associateddocuments & test methods

Leveraging document library ensures that those completing the testing have access to vital test methods and standard operating procedures. You can utilize your central QIS or tablet to review data and associated documentation or test methods


Capture, share and manage labinstrument assests & calibration

Ensuring the efficient capture and integrity of sample data is one thing. You also need to have confidence in the results that your assets monitor, record and subsequently control. QIS provides the ability to mange all instrument assets, record their pertinent details and most importantly log and track calibration requirements.



Review measurement error& sources of variation

The success of any SPC system depends upon precise and accurate data. In combining measurement error with product or process variation the resulting value represents the total variation. To assure that our measurement data is accurate we must determine if the amount of variation is acceptable.

Laboratory Integration 

Automatically managesample testing & data acquisition

When possible, QIS provides out-of-the-box connection to instrumentation with direct connection capabilities (typically serial interface). Instrumentation that has network connectivity, typically with file or message outputs, is handled through the QIS LabLink File Interface service with fully automated operation.

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