Real-Time SPC

Boost productivity and ensure quality with our cutting-edge SPC software.

QIS helps you reduce variation and improve consistency across your manufacturing process.

QIS is founded on the principals of Statistical Process Control, helping transform your data into actionable intelligence, supporting fact-based continuous improvement decisions.

Manufacturing processes produce huge volumes of data. QIS helps you easily collate, visualize and analyze this data in seconds. Unlocking the secrets of your process, while reassuring your customers of your ability to produce high quality products.


Real-time charts, provide instant visibility of trends and relationships between process conditions and quality output. For deeper analysis, powerful but easy to use statistical tools enable you to drill deep into your data to understand capability and adherence to specification.

Instant SPC Charts

Easily accessible, instant charting allows you to distinguish between random fluctuations and true shifts within your data.

Paperless Environment

Create a paperless environment across your production and quality departments. Streamline internal process and procedure.

Data Driven Decisions

Improve the accuracy and availability of data to support decision making across production, process control and quality  – from suppliers through to customers.

Process & Product Quality

Ensure process and product quality and consistency

Process Monitoring

Reduce variation and boost productivity

Real-time Visualization

Identify and respond to changes in your process in real-time

Instant Control Charts

Reduce waste, rework and raw material usage

Advanced Analytics

Crunch quality, process and production data in seconds

Alarms & Notifications

Your early warning system, before there is a problem

What can it do for me?

Using a specialized real-time data collection system, such as QIS, can help remove the errors and delayed feedback inherent in complex or disconnected systems; a key step in eliminating waste, reducing quality losses and supporting continual process improvement.

Providing complete visibility of real-time, statistically based intelligence throughout your manufacturing process, QIS helps drive critical and immediate in-line decisions and provides the analytical tools required to support longer-term strategic improvement goals.

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