QiSOFT has been a leading provider of manufacturing intelligence software since 1986, helping manufacturing organisations across the world transform data into critical insight in order to achieve continual product and process excellence.

We are an international company with an established worldwide customer base and many years of practical experience listening to and managing customer requirements means we fully understand the strategic importance of manufacturing.

We may be a software development company at the core but our ultimate aim is to help establish QUALITY as a fundamental focus and part of an organisations culture, not just a set of tools that the Quality team uses for quality control. Quality is everyone’s responsibility and begins even before the raw materials are delivered to the factory, flowing all the way through to the customer, and feeding back into the continuous loop of improvement.

Our purpose is to help our customers turn data into critical insight to drive sustainable operational excellence; while safeguarding customer satisfaction and delivering growth to the bottom line.


There are many different labels that could be given to what we do, some people call it MES or EMI, and others call it Quality or Operations Management or even SPC. We don’t mind what you call it as long as we can add value to your business by helping you improve product quality, reduce losses and costs, improve production flexibility and product consistency and ultimately achieve greater customer satisfaction. In our experience a tightly run and highly efficient organization can leverage our software application to streamline operations, undercut the competition and win market share; all things that deliver straight to the bottom line.

For over 25 years we have been working with our customers in all types of industry to enable and support a variety of different strategic initiatives; SPC, SQC, TQM, 6-sigma, Continuous Improvement, OEE and many others . QIS is delivered in an out-of-the box integrated business-wide suite providing for management of raw materials quality, real-time operations and process monitoring, product quality assurance, document control, product release, customer reporting and certification, environmental records, 21 CFR Part 11 compliance and much more.

With QIS, what was once a disconnected collection of independent, data-generating systems can now be brought together to achieve a more complete view of operations through a single source. More importantly, QIS analyzes that data and produces reports for the entire enterprise. It is not isolated to just one area only, but addresses the needs of your whole organization, whether manufacturing or business focused, from shop floor to top floor and across each respective level. Since operator actions influence executive-management decisions, we believe this integration is very important.

Chances are your organization fits into a certain industry so it’s only natural that you want to figure out how to classify QiSOFT as well. At QiSOFT, we develop software for process manufacturing industries. While there are software applications out there for a range of industries QIS has been specifically designed to work with your process as a whole. In an industry that is highly dependent on all ingredients working together without fail, where if one element is wrong, the entire process is compromised, the detection of variances is the lifeblood for product consistency and ultimate success.


While 1986 doesn’t seem like so long ago, when you consider it in the context of technological advancements it might as well have been the dark ages. Computers were often room-sized when it came to industrial uses and film was still the preferred form of data storage (until those sleek floppy’s came along). So when QiSOFT CEO, Kevin Luxton and his uncle, statistician Peter Daisley successfully collaborated to produce the specification for QIS, it was quite the discovery.

By 1987, Newton Falls Paper Mill in upstate New York had contracted Kevin to complete the first QIS system install. Just two years later in 1989, the first full production of QIS was released and written in “C” language, running on DOS/IBM LAN Manager at the MidTec Paper Mill in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Over the next five years, QiSOFT would continue its growth with installations in Europe at the Dover Paper Mill, England, and another in Luxembourg followed quickly by the development of the first QIS for Windows* in 1994 as well as the launch of ProcessLink and LabLink as part of QIS v4.3.

Ten years after the inaugural install, QiSOFT opened its first US office in Atlanta, Georgia and that same year, in 1997, completed its first South American installation in Columbia. On the brink of a new century, QIS v5 was launched along with the development of QR2 following QiSOFT’s acquisition of QCS and the company’s relocation to Savannah, Georgia.

A mere four years later, another program upgrade, QIS v5.5 was launched and four years after that, the development continued with v6.0, which also marked the first Australian installation of QIS in Melbourne and Adelaide.

In 2008, as new system versions continued to emerge, so too did the expansion of QiSOFT’s software applications. The company’s second US office was opened in Orange County, California in 2009 and that same year, a second European office was also opened in Breda, Netherlands.

The business has continued to expand on a global scale and with a full suite of process manufacturing applications, is poised to launch its largest product-development schedule yet in 2013.

So watch this space!

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